opening Saturday, May 31, 18:00

May 31/June 22, 2014

SCHAU FENSTER / Raum für Kunst Lobeckstr. 30-35 – 10969 Berlin

Sicily is a territory that, for excellence, lends itself to the passage.
Passages and migratory flows both human and animal that from Africa sail the Mediterranean Sea and land in the middle of it where they find short rest and then continue the journey to the promised lands. An island. A strip of land surrounded by the sea, morphologically closed and that feels a strong need in being opened to not die. During the centuries the migration flows that passed from Sicily have culturally enriched both the territory and its population that lived it, recounting in the meantime its history and even by varying the somatic traits. Probably for this reason is hosting an inborn attitude that distinguishes them and that goes hand in hand with a tendency to migrate.

Through the project “LOST” curated by Jan Kage have been highlighted issues of migration and immigration that poured its echo on German territory. Going back along the source of this echo, the curator’s research dates back to the stream of migrants focusing on what is dissipating, is lost and dies during the journey and that, unfortunately, goes unnoticed in the eyes of the media and therefore does not fix in people’s memories.

In synergy with “LOST” and following the continuity with BOCS’ ideals, Giuseppe Lana and Claudio Cocuzza try to give an answer to the issues highlighted by Kage through the project “Give a way to give a way”.
The love for his territory is what led Giuseppe Lana to his research as artistic director of BOCS and around which, over the years, has created a small community of artists who have gravitated there and still gravitate and whose research plays in the whole home ground. Through this project, at some of the fellow travelers, was addressed the invitation to take on the new responsibility to omit their work to give space some newcomers that they themselves have chosen. Filippo Leonardi, Gianluca Lombardo, Sebastiano Mortellaro, Marco Scifo, Canecapovolto, Stefania Galegati Shines, Lisa Wade, Maria Domenica Rapicavoli, /barbaragurrieri/group and Stefania Zocco are the artists invited by Lana.
As a backdrop to this event will be the Berlin Schau Festern creating thus an exchange of locations in response to the previous collaboration that was presented to the BOCS. The intent is to suggest a new approach towards art, in sharp contrast with the ruinous and rampant self-referentiality cliché that feeds the individualism.

If the artist is a filter in the world and synthesize what he lives looking for the spirit of the times, today’s research moves from what previously was the creation of a product to the creation of an attitude. Its function is to restart the consciences and the exchange for a new enrichment. The act to delegate omitting their own work represents a bet with the future and the results will be unexpected.
Social work? No!
An invitation to build a new context whose concept spreads in horizontal and takes roots in the consciences before its takeoff.

Give way to give a way” is far from the didactics. It asks, to those that have been chosen, to stop for a moment and freeze their own artistic practice, in order to make a reflection not on what they could do for the territory, but open themselves to someone else’s thought giving them the priority / pass the baton.

Alessandro Leggio


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