BOCS is a new space outside of traditional exhibition circuits. It is the first “artist run space” in Catania to be officially established.
A “raw” and versatile container in which artistic productions interact all-round.

BOCS is a space run only by artists. From an architectonic point of view, it is left to its crude state, which is however full of enormous potentialities regarding all the projects that can be realised inside the space itself. The space develops and changes thanks to the collaborations, participations and experimentations of several artists who are hosted inside the residence or can present their projects.

BOCS wants to provide an answer to the lack of spaces for young artists, widening the range of local action towards the outside, thus leading to a profitable cultural exchange.

The exhibition space is situated inside the historical harbour neighbourhood of Catania, which is positively being redeveloped also thanks to the birth of several activities linked to the contemporary art world.


BOCS is born from the need to create a landmark in the area, an art space that involves all employees and outsiders. The aim is to contribute to the artistic and cultural growth of the place we live.

BOCS is a “small space” for contemporary art, that, through a “big network” aims to be the matrix of new changes, which can help to change the external perception towards our territory.



Download the cultural association’s statute beBOCS



Giuseppe Lana
+39 338 220 3041



Claudio Cocuzza
+39 328 866 4736


Plan of BOCS

• PDF Download plan in PDF format

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